This page is not intended to be and end-all, definitive, guide to all services available.  Rather, it is an attempt to define some of the more prevalent needs of clients that fall withing the scope of my expertise and experience.  Services provided can vary widely depending on the need of the individual, or individuals, involved and the intended outcome of our time and work together.  As always, I am happy to meet with you and discuss specifics of your situation, your intentions, and your desired outcomes during an initial consultation in order to lay the groundwork for our relationship, or to assist in charting another course of action.

IndiviidualsIndividuals -  

small compassPersonal -  Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Adjustment and Acculturation Issues, Relationship Issues, Communication, Trauma, Grief, Addiction and Behavioral Issues (Alcohol/Drugs or problem behaviors), Bipolar (Depressive and Manic episodes), Schizophrenia, Obsessive/Compulsive, Hoarding, Crisis Intervention, Symptom Managment, Life Skills and Wellness planning.  Also experienced in case presentations in clinical, organizational, and legal settings.  Cooperation with lawyers, organizational administration, the legal system, legal documentation and fitness determinations a specialty.

small compassCareer -  Career and Life Planning, Personality and Interest Inventories, Values Clarification, Skills Assessment, Goal Setting, Labor Market Specifics, Informational Interviewing, Resume Development, Interview Skill-Building, Resource Referral, Cross-Cultural Communication, Cultural Adaption of existing materials, Professional English Training, Accurate English Editing and Copywriting for online and physical documents, Custom tailored training based on specific needs related to projects, presentations, assessments, annual reviews and other language requirements and business contexts.

small compassEducational -  English language lessons of all levels, Specialize in customized curricula based on student needs, Writing (Academic, Personal, Application Essays, Professional, Creative), College Entrance Preparation, Application Enhancement, Test-taking skills, Time Management, College Applications, College and University Investigation, Study Abroad and Volunteer Programming, Service-Learning Programs                                                                                                                         

CouplesCouples -

Pre-Marital Counseling and Planning, Communication Issues, Intimacy Issues, Confict Resolution, Time Management, Health and Wellness Planning

FamiliesFamilies - 

 Conflict Resolution, Communication, Parent/Child Relationships, Planning and Organization, Health and Wellness Planning

groupsGroups - 

 Group options will vary from time to time, but will be posted here as they are scheduled and become available.

Currently, Compass Counseling is undertaking a service learning initiative in conjunction with Sarvodaya in Sri Lanka (see my "About Me" and"Links" pages).  Beginning in May we will begin schedulling 8 and 12 week group sessions for students and their families that focuses on cross cultural understanding and volunteerism in order to promote personal growth, leadership, communication and teamwork skills.  This experience is an enormous benefit for those looking at studying abroad, particularly in th U.S. and Canada as this will be a focus of the academic expectations that students can expect when enrolling in academic programs in these countries.  We will also offer college application assistance via reflective exercises that assist students in expressing the growth that they have experienced by being a part of this program and the amazing opportunities to work with communities in developing areas.  Stay tuned for further details and promotions very soon. (March 1st, 2018)